Chat Terms

Chatters Terms of Use @ UniversalNet:
When you connect to the UniversalNet IRC NETWORK, you agree to the following rules:
If you break any of the following rules, you may find yourself banned from the UniversalNet IRC NETWORK and all our other services.
If you do not agree, simply disconnect from the UniversalNet IRC NETWORK and do not reconnect.
Open proxies are not allowed.
When you connect to UniversalNet, your connection will be port scanned for open—and potentially insecure—proxies. This is not an attack on your computer and will only happen when you connect. UniversalNet prohibits the following on its UniversalNet IRC NETWORK:
Hate Speech
You may not use any language defined as Hate Speech, which includes – but is not limited to – text or actions that are any of the following:
Demeaning in any manner.
An attack on religion, race, or sexual orientation.
You may not use any text or action that harasses another user, which includes text or actions that are intended to annoy, offend, or intimidate.
Do not send messages to all channels (/AMSG’s or /AME’s) that are intended to annoy or intimidate another user (or other users).
Evade A Ban
If you are banned from a channel or the UniversalNet IRC NETWORK, do not attempt to reconnect, not even to see if you are still banned. If you are banned and reconnect, your action is considered ban evasion.
If you repeatedly evade a ban (or bans), you will be permanently banned from the UniversalNet IRC NETWORK and your Internet Service Provider will be contacted.
You may not, by any means, assist or facilitate banned users in interacting with users through the UniversalNet IRC NETWORK. This includes, but is not limited to, providing proxies or relay bots for the use of banned users.
Spamming is strictly prohibited. Spamming includes, but is not limited to, the advertising or promotion of free, pay, personal, commercial, corporate, non-profit, or private web sites, products, programs, other chat programs and/or services, other IRC channels, and/or other IRC networks.
Illegal Activities of any Kind
The rules of the offline world do apply to the online world, and all illegal activities are prohibited on the UniversalNet IRC NETWORK.
Illegal behaviour includes, but is not limited to, the following:
File sharing of copyrighted or protected content.
Distribution of child porn.
Hacking or Cracking.
Attempting to Exploit another user or computer.
Credit Card fraud or trading.
Bot Net or spam bot control channels.
Promoting and selling drugs , arms and prostitution
Always follow the directions of the UniversalNet staff.

The UniversalNet IRC NETWORK staff has final determination on all matters relating to the UniversalNet IRC NETWORK. If a staff member asks you to do something and you refuse, your action does constitute a breach of these rules.
UniversalNet is not responsible for the content you may transmit or receive.
Due to the real time nature of IRC, we cannot monitor or police the exchange of data. To protect yourself, we highly recommend that you run a current antivirus program and never click on links from people you do not know.
We will cooperate with any law enforcement agency’s request for information when it is sent to us through proper legal channels.
If you have a question regarding the terms of service, or terms of use, please stop in #help and ask one of the staff members for assistance.