Privacy Policy

General principles
Our webchat does not log who you speak to, what you say.
However other individuals that you interact with using our IRC network may have configured their personal systems to log your activities. This is beyond our control.
We do not track your usage of our webchat between sessions.
Third parties providers
We utilise the following third party service providers:
Google Hosted Libraries: https://developers.google.com/speed/libraries/terms (improved performance via CDN)
Feedback form only: Google reCAPTCHA: https://developers.google.com/recaptcha/ (abuse detection)
Data retention
Any retained data is only used for ad-hoc diagnostics and abuse detection.
Logs are kept only as long as necessary for these purposes.
Webserver logs
Most hits made to our webservers are logged, these logs include your IP address and user agent.
IRC server logs
On connection we log your nickname, your IP address, and the time/date of connection
Login system
If you use the "log in with X" functionality: our Authgate system will generate a "ticket" and pass it via the webchat server to your browser.
This ticket contains the data you gave us when you created your X account, plus your user id, the time you logged in and some cryptographic signatures.
The ticket is retained in your browser in session storage, which expires after a fixed time, or when you close your browser, or when you log out.
Some transient state to assist with the login process is stored in a separate session cookie. This expires in the same situations as above.
The Authgate itself also retains a record of the login.
Preference selections made in the "options" dialog are stored anonymously via a permanent cookie. No identifier is present, persistent or otherwise.
Active connection identifier
To allow you to stay connected to IRC in the event of transient network failures a "connection identifier" is used: this allows us to re-establish your session without having to disconnect you from IRC.
This "connection identifier" expires when you disconnect from the webchat or after approximately 5 minutes of inactivity (if your connection drops).
Feedback form
In addition to webserver logs: submissions of feedback also log your IP address.
Hiding your hostname/IP address on IRC
Automatic cloaking
Users not logged in have their hostname/IP address obfuscated.
Some structure of the connecting IP/host name is shown: this is necessary to allow channel operators to ban abusive users that share a common network.
+x / hidden host when logged in to X
If you log into X your IP/host will optionally be transformed into your username of the form: username.users.universlanet.org (on by default)
If disabled your hostname/IP will be obfuscated as above.